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I really use certain things you taught us during the course, like for example making a 5-year plan and going back to the next six months to create a meaningful short-term plan. I find such things priceless. So I hope others could take the course and have similar experiences.

Amelia-Elena Rotaru, assistant professor at University of Southern Denmark.

Monika Janfelt is a rare combination of a both calm and dynamic person. I have had the pleasure of attending one of her career development courses. With great charisma, authority, and friendliness she both inspired, guided, and discretely activated me and the other participants, leaving us more aware and capable of managing our careers. Her extensive expertise within various fields, her way of communicating, and her interpersonal skills makes her an excellent coach.

Marianne Harbo, associate professor at University of Southern Denmark

At the end of the day it is not about what she did. It is about what she managed to start. I have been a part of the career program taught by Monika at the University of Southern Denmark. Through the program I have gained knowledge and tools, which I have applied, and will continue to apply, in my career. Most importantly I have gained a new set of eyes enabling me to see that there is “more to the world than meets the eye of an engineer”. Monika’s pedagogical approach to the program was executed with inspirational perfection. Based on great amounts of individual reflection and group discussions I have come to know my situation and myself better than before. I consider my participation in the program to be one of the single-most important steps on my path ...

Jens Johanson, former associate professor at University of Southern Denmark.

Tak for hjælpen med at tage springet fra Universitet til The Real World :-) Du gav et super godt kursus for lidt over et år siden, som gav perspektiv. Jeg arbejder nu med User Experience Design til høreapparater - lad os se, om det ender med at blive den rigtige beslutning... men indtil videre glæder jeg mig til at komme på arbejde hver dag. Jeg var nervøs for reaktionen fra mine uni-kollegaer, men flere sagde, at de et eller andet sted var lidt misundelige og at de ville ønske at de havde modet/overskuddet til også at søge andre veje :-) Jeg har været meget glad for uni-verdenen, men dit kursus åbnede mine øjne for flere muligheder, som jeg jo godt kendte til før, men som pludselig blev realistiske. Endnu engang tak for skubbet! 

Steven Gelineck, tidligere postdoc ved Ålborg Universitet.

I participated in the career development course and afterwards in a career strategy seminar. It changed the trajectory of my career from the laid back approach to follow the flow to a dedicated ambition to make my own path.

Emma Hammarlund, scientist, Lund University

A wise man once said “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Taking a career strategy course has been one of the wisest steps I have taken during my career. Through the course I not only identified and formulated a clear vision for my career and life in general, I also learned how to take action in a structured and organized manner in order to reach my goals.  Monika Janfelt is a brilliant facilitator and coach. She helps bring the very best out in her participants through exercises, discussions, feedback and reflection.  I can strongly recommend undertaking a career strategy course with Monika Janfelt, you won’t regret it.

Vibeke Koushede (Midwife, MPH, PhD), Senior researcher at the National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

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Where to start? Which way to go? And how to reach the other side safely? First you need to know where you are right now. Second, you need equipment like a boat, a map and a compass. Third, you need to be very aware of what sort of sailor you are and your sailing skills. And the last thing to remember before setting out: You need to make a decision about your direction.


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